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Mark TV
One viewer's television mutterings
"Tru Calling" marathon 
21st-Jun-2008 08:09 pm
Sci-Fi is running a marathon of Eliza Dushku's "Tru Calling" series, from 8am-4pm eastern time on Wednesday, July 2nd. Oddly, they're running episodes 107 through 114, rather than the whole series. No sign that they're running the rest another time.

If you want to know what it's about, Tru (Eliza's character) discovers that she can go back in time one day to help prevent the deaths of people whose dead bodies ask her to. The last episode they're running is the one in which Jason Priestly shows up for several episodes.

It was a fun, funny, well-written, somewhat mindless show, with the hot Dushku in a rare role that has nothing to do with how hot she is. She's great at it. I recommend setting your TiVo to record it. (Note that the Season Pass default keeps up to five episodes, so the first several will get deleted before the end of the marathon if you leave the default.)
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