Mark (mhaithaca) wrote in mark_tv,

"CSI: Heat Wave"

It must be the heat in Miami that makes everything and everyone move so slowly. I watched an episode of "CSI: Miami" this week after my new TiVo recorded it for me as a suggestion (I left that feature on for the first time in several models and several years), and the thing that strikes me most about the show is that it was slow and ponderous.

The acting was mostly not bad, and the story was interesting, but boy, everything moved so slowly! It seemed as though they had about 30 minutes of material to stretch into 42 minutes of show, so they just all talked slowly, took long pauses, and made lots of thoughtful expressions to slow things down.

Is it just that I'm used to the "Law & Order" series taking place in the much faster-paced New York?

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